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American Farmhouse Style/ The Bespoke House by TDS


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Built of brick, stone, or painted wood with a shingled or metal roof, the American farmhouse has a charming, honest appeal.  Little more than simple cornices, exposed rafter tails, and shutters embellish their facades.  It is the nearly ubiquitous porches that give these houses a welcoming expression, whether spanning the front or wrapping all the way around the sides.  Built at a time when cross ventilation was essential, American farmhouses are often only one room deep.  The addition of wings, ells, hyphens, detached dependencies, and rooms made by enclosing portions of the porch provide additional living space.  This approach to massing is ideal for modern living, accommodating great rooms, spacious kitchens, glassed breakfast rooms, and private guest quarters. 

Light-filled rooms feature double-hung windows with large two-over-two panes that capture breezes and frame views of the surrounding landscape.  Authentic materials such as painted joists, exposed exterior studs, bead board, and painted shiplap combine with simple but solid craftsmanship to invite a relaxed approach to living.  Traditional in its materials and rustic architectural detail, the American farmhouse is also crisp and fresh, creating a versatile environment for casual modern furniture or country antiques.


Designed for people who want to live in comfort and harmony with their surroundings, these timeless dwellings instantly create a sense of home.

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